Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dieting: The Secret to Success

Recently I re-invented myself by losing a significant amount of weight.  It interests me that so many people make the same comment, "you are keeping it off."  Well when I first heard this comment, I would be a bit put off.  But now I embrace this view.  So today I want to share the best kept secret about dieting. 

First let me say that any diet can and will work.  It doesn't matter what you do as long as follow the prescribed program, you can lose weight.  Now this does not mean that I support every diet program out there.  Actually I don't support hardly any of them.  Most of them are not healthy and only allow water lost.  But my point is this, if you view a diet program as a jump start, re-focusing moment, meditation time, self-discipline practice, then you can use this "diet" time successfully.

So many people have inquired, asked, begged about what I did to lose the weight.  I happily share with them, but the program is not the key.  The key to any weight loss program, diet or fad is not what you do while "on the diet," but what you do once off.  Many people believe that there is some miracle diet out there.  That when they complete it, they will the body of their dreams.  Then when they gain all of the weight back plus some bonus pound, they become depressed. 

The secret to success in weight loss is how you change your life after the diet.  If you go back to eating and living the way you had previously, you will surely fail.  You can't think that you will be able to do whatever you want and maintain your dream body.  You have to adopt a lifestyle change.  You have to recognize that every decision has to be considered.  So before you reach for that candy bar, you should reach on your bag for a piece of fruit.  But of course if you are thoughtful about your lifestyle there will be no fruit in there.  Each day has to be approached with planning and self-discipline.  You have to anticipate what your body needs through the day.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  You've heard this all of your life, but maybe you don't know why.  Breakfast breaks your fast from the day before and it starts your metabolism.  Breakfast provides you the energy needed to get started.  Then a mid-morning snack gives you that energy boost.  But choose wisely.  Breakfast should not be a frosted doughnut or sugared cereal.  Your snack should be a king size candy bars and a soda.   The rest of the day should continue in the same manner: lunch, snack, dinner, snack.  This is how you can eat six small meals a day.

So the response to the comment I get so much is simple.  I pay attention to what I consume.  I have adjusted my lifestyle so that I can continue my success.  Before I put something in my mouth I ask, "is this worth the consequences?"

Now that you know the secret to dieting success, I wish you much success.

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