Friday, December 3, 2010

A Mess in the House

Lately I have been doing some thinking about the state of the world and more specifically the state of the United States.  So before I get into that I want to paint a picture as a foundation.

Imagine if you had 30 children in your house for the weekend.  Let's go further and say that you were not there, but perhaps you let a teenager serve as the supervisor.  I will give you a minute to let that soak into your imagination.  You return home Sunday afternoon to an absolute mess.  There is no space or place in your home that has not been affected.  Where do you start?  Do you attack your bedroom first since you have to sleep there?  Or maybe you want to get to the kitchen under the control for fear of rodents and pests.  Where do you start?  Well you map out a plan and start to execute it.  Other members of your household start to question your methodology.  They wonder why you would neglect certain rooms in the house to clean others.  You stay your course and keep moving forward.

Now it's Tuesday and your house is nearly back to normal.  But you start to smell something awful.  You start sniffing around and discover some spoiling food behind the bookcase in the den downstairs.  How did food end up behind a floor to ceiling bookcase?  Doesn't really matter because it's your mess to clean up now although you didn't make it.

Now let's consider the current state of affairs.  President Bush had a bunch of his friends over and allowed them to completely mess up the house.  President Obama came into the house with a mess.  He had to decide which room to clean up first.  There is a rhyme to his reasoning even though some of the world can't see it or refuse to try to understand it.  He has stayed his course and slowly, but surely the house is getting cleaned up.  The unfortunate part is that he occasionally has smelled something foul and discovered a mess behind the bookcase.  So he has to adjust his plan and address this issue before rodents and pests invade the space.

Now that you have thought about the state of the country from this perspective, can we all just support what President Obama is trying to do.  He walked into an utter mess and is doing what he can to clean it up.  He had to pick a room to attack first.  We may not have chosen that room first, but either way the whole thing has to be cleaned. 

I am very proud of what President Obama has accomplished.  I hope that people will reduce their criticism and give more support.  We are all in this mess.  What are we doing to help clean it up???

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